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August 8, 2010 / theblogologist

Protect Sandy Lane, Dawlish!

The Sandy Lane playing fields area of Dawlish is a beautiful and well-used recreation ground and playing fields. Uplifting sea views, rolling open space, trees and hedgerow. It has open space for walking, football pitches, cricket pitch and children’s play areas.  Across the road (Sandy Lane) is a bowling green which many also view as part of the Sandy Lane recreation space.

Sandy Lane – a much used and well-loved area

But, it’s an area that is still under threat of development.  Tesco’s have already had a go, and the community is sticking together to keep out developers so that our leisure facilities and playing fields remain green and open.

A facility for vocational training (pretending to be a youth centre) crept in.   Now we are saying “Enough”.  The wool was pulled over everyone’s eyes, first the community was told it was for the youth of Dawlish, then the plans were altered with NO community consultation.

Remember – If we have more houses – there will be even MORE need to keep our playing fields at Sandy Lane!

It’s time to say “ENOUGH” to extraneous building on Sandy Lane.  It’s an area for leisure for all – NOT for motor-mechanics training for the very few!!!!